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This program generate and prints a single random number using random.random (). The function random () is defined in random module, therefore we've to import the module before calling the function, like shown in the program given below: import random randnum = random. random () print ( "Random Number =", randnum) Here is its sample output:

In Python, we can use the input() to accept input from a user and print() to display output on the console. Also, we can use Python for file handling (Reading, writing, appending, and deleting files). This Python Input and Output exercise aims to help Python developers to learn and practice the Python built-in functions print() and input() to perform input and output tasks.
However, input ranges which never access code 0000, or code 1111, or nonlinearities which create missing codes, call reduce the number of available codes to a number less than 2N. While a number of different codes can be used in the digital words, let us, in this discussion, work with the natural binary sequence.
    1. Build a Simple Quiz In PHP: This is so easy to make.But, when you have knowledge in PHP. This Quiz was created with PHP, HTML & CSS, Easy to create and you can use it anywhere.This programme is basically based on PHP but, you don't have to create a database for it.
    2. Answer ALL questions. Suggested time: 10 minutes 1 A program simulates the roll of a dice. The program uses a random number generator to create a random integer, between 1 and 6, to represent the roll. Open file Q01. Amend the code to add or complete lines to: • import the random library • create one variable • create one constant
    3. Answer: document.getElementById ("availablecourse").innerHTML = "See the list of availablecourse"; is the correct answer. To access the content written under that id, we have to use the.innerHTML to specify that and finally replace the content with whatever is written inside the quotes.
    4. Please use MATLAB and answer task 2 part A and B. start task 2 using (for loop) %start a loop where a worker can add more data points and generate a report. for n=31:7 %input to add to array data %These new values need to be added to the array data. % Task 2 part B Give the worker a chance to correct their input if it was wrong.
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    6. Feb 26, 2019 · Input is an unseen legal case Q, and output should be relevant cases in the given legal case corpus that support the decision of the input case, which are 'noticed cases'. 2) Task 2: Recognizing entailment between the decision of a new case and a relevant case. Input is a decision paragraph from an unseen case and a relevant case.
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    Learning Objectives When your computer prorgam is asking questions to the end-user, the end-user may not answer these questions the way you expected them to. This may cause your program to not work properly. Ideally a good program should use some form of validation checks to ensure that the user is providing their answers in the correct format. Let's look at the following code that asks a ...
can use a loop to generate questions repeatedly. This example gives a program that generates This example gives a program that generates five questions and reports the number of the correct answers after a student answers all five

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Answer: C is the correct answer. "The JSX in React.js makes code easy to read and write" is an advantage of React.js. 4) Which of the following command is used to install create-react-app? npm install -g create-react-app. npm install create-react-app. npm install -f create-react-app. install -g create-react-app.

To detect errors, the codeword vector multiplies with the transpose of the generator matrix to produce an 8-bit vector [S], known as the syndrome vector. [S] = [D,P] † [G′] Drop-down: People choose their answer from a set of options in a drop-down menu (one per question). Based on the answer, you can, again, send people to another section of the form. File Upload: This allows the person to upload a file in response to a question. Uploaded files use Google Drive space for the survey owner.

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